Monday, March 28, 2011

Herald of Khorne WIP Part 2

Well here he is my completed herald of Khorne with a BSB,  as previously stated I modeled him wearing Armor of Khorne.  A very simple conversion but everyone has to start some place.

I have a few more heralds to construct, namely a second Herald of Khorne without a BSB, a Herald of Tzeentch with winged Horror Gift, and a Herald on a jugger.  So without further text here are more pictures of my herald and how it looks in my nearly finished pack of bloodletters (I still need to try and freehand the standard.)
I am still learning how to use my crappy 4 year old hand me down camera,  Thanks Zerodaimaru For the advice on the little flower icon.
Left Shoulder pad, taken from CSM.

Rear, I keep thinking I should find a small chain and extend the front loin around its back, no thong though.

Right shoulder, also from a CSM sprue, Hell blade got washed out by the camera flash.

20 + 1 bloodletters, Herld is on the left.

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  1. Hey, that looks awesome! Good job! And no problem on the camera advice. Its a stupid icon to have for what its meant for TBH.