Monday, March 28, 2011

Herald of Khorne WIP Part 2

Well here he is my completed herald of Khorne with a BSB,  as previously stated I modeled him wearing Armor of Khorne.  A very simple conversion but everyone has to start some place.

I have a few more heralds to construct, namely a second Herald of Khorne without a BSB, a Herald of Tzeentch with winged Horror Gift, and a Herald on a jugger.  So without further text here are more pictures of my herald and how it looks in my nearly finished pack of bloodletters (I still need to try and freehand the standard.)
I am still learning how to use my crappy 4 year old hand me down camera,  Thanks Zerodaimaru For the advice on the little flower icon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Herald of Khorne WIP

 Iv been neglecting my blog as I fiddle around with army lists and life.  In doing so I started a few conversion projects, my first real conversions.  The first one is my Herald of Khorne with a BSB.  The gifts I chose for it are the Armor of Khorne and the Firestorm Blade.
 For this conversion I decided to add a few Space Marine bits, A plate looking loin cloth and two Chaos shoulders.  As luck would have it the shoulders fit snugly but perfectly to the shoulders of the base Bloodletter I used.
I painted them up in a Brass feel with a black backing.  Right now I am working on scupting flames onto the hellblade to give it that fire look, I might just paint it up so I can swap out for soul hunger if I face High elf Dragons.
Pictures Follow. (Sorry they are really blurry, I need to learn to take better pictures.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daemons of Chaos 40k, a new players perspective.

Last night I played my first warhammer 40k game with my daemons of chaos and want to share my initial impressions.  I am still learning the new rules and made several rookie mistakes, For the first three turns I forgot my Pinkies has Assault 3 weapons and was only rolling for one attack and Wound... Oops.

My first impression was "Wow Daemons suck in 40k."  This was primarily due to half my army not showing up until turn 4 and Space marine rapid fire decimating my pinkies.  On deep thought had I not screwed up the shooting I most likely would have destroyed those five man tactical squads.  There is some potential here...