Monday, May 30, 2011

Fighting Time and technology

Well I have not met most of my goals this month, boo. However Its been good to me beyond the getting sick, working long hours, and blogger eating posts.  I discovered dipping this past weekend and must say it works well for shading bloodletters, I'm even thinking of doing a post on how I did the bloodletters.  Previously I was of the opinion that dipping was cheating but as I sit here with 60 little red bloodletters on my desk in stages of progress I realized that for a horde army of organic naked red daemons it might just save my sanity and help prevent an RSI :)

So I am hoping by the end of this week I will have all my bloodletters finished and this will actually put me ahead of schedule for my 44 days of blood.  Another reason I am resorting to dipping my rank and file troops for fantasy is now that I have all my models I really just want to get them finished and painted so I can spend time working on my herald and bloodthirster conversions.  Not to mention free up time for the Salamander conversion work I am planing as soon as my kits arrive.

As my friend calls it I am starting to suffer Magpie syndrome. I have three separate projects on the go, I play 40k and fantasy and want to be able to field both games in full.

So Yea look forward to a dipping how too if this batch turns out, if it doesn't well Ill let you all know.

Friday, May 13, 2011

44 Days of Blood

I decided instead of posting an update each day saying I managed to get anouther model or two finished and spam all of your RSS feeds with the posts I have added a panel to the right Marking my progress.

Yea short post so heres a picture to amuse you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day two of 44 Days of Blood

Current Progress
Bloodletters 3/40 Painted
Flesh hounds 0/5 Painted
Flamers of Tzeentch 0/4 Painted

Still on track.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salamanders Weekly Update #3

Last week I managed to finish my Librarian, work on my salamanders has been slow since I started the 44 Days of blood, which is a challenge to myself to finish my fantasy army in 44 days.  I have yet to actually play a game with my salamanders list since I'm still missing 10 tactical Marines, 5 assault termies, 5 termies, a dread, a land raider redeemer, and a thunder fire cannon.  But Im planning on picking up the black reach box set for some of the models I am missing,  If anyone can comment on how decent these models are and if its worth getting please do so.

Till next week here are some shots of my Librarian.  Bad free hand work included.

Day one of 44 Days of Blood

Well Day one is complete, I finished a bloodletter last night, and am working on tonight model.

Heres a picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

44 days of Blood

Well I did it, I managed to purchase and assemble all of the models for my Warhammer fantasy Daemons army. Now comes the fun part, painting it all,  Thus the 44 days of Blood.  This will have the downside of slowing down production of my Salamanders army, but I have decided to do a lot of custom GS work with them and modeling.  I want them to look unique and unified as a salamanders army, and when you look at the models without any knowledge that they are salamanders you see Salamanders and not just Green Space marines.

So 44 days of Blood is my attempt at completing at minimum one bloodletter model per day to a new standard my Salamanders have instilled in me.  Each Day I will post a progress update informing you my readers if I was successful or not.

At current my list is such:
Bloodthirster - Obsidion Armor, Firestorm blade, Eternal Fury
3 Flamers of Tzeench
1 Herald of Tzeentch - Winged horror, Master of sorcery with Lore of beasts
5 Flesh hounds of Khorne
Herald of Khorne BSB - Armor of Khorne, Firestorm blade (Painted)
Herald of Khorne - Armor of Khorne, Firestorm blade (Painted)
30 Bloodletters of khorne (full command) (10 Painted)
30 Bloodletters of khorne (full command) (10 Painted)
Total Points 2200.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Forge world showing the Salamanders some love

Forge world is releasing some beautiful crafted salamanders bits.  the pack is 10 standard marine shoulder replacements that will run you 8.20 pounds.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salamanders Weekly Update #2

Work got away from me this week, so I did not get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted.  So I leave you with a painting WIP of my Salamanders librarian, my bloodthirster conversion work and a cool paint brush stand I threw together.
converted balrog with its 10 inch wing span, added Daemon prince bits to start.

Made from plastic card I had in spare.

Still needs the force weapon and one shoulder done.