Monday, May 30, 2011

Fighting Time and technology

Well I have not met most of my goals this month, boo. However Its been good to me beyond the getting sick, working long hours, and blogger eating posts.  I discovered dipping this past weekend and must say it works well for shading bloodletters, I'm even thinking of doing a post on how I did the bloodletters.  Previously I was of the opinion that dipping was cheating but as I sit here with 60 little red bloodletters on my desk in stages of progress I realized that for a horde army of organic naked red daemons it might just save my sanity and help prevent an RSI :)

So I am hoping by the end of this week I will have all my bloodletters finished and this will actually put me ahead of schedule for my 44 days of blood.  Another reason I am resorting to dipping my rank and file troops for fantasy is now that I have all my models I really just want to get them finished and painted so I can spend time working on my herald and bloodthirster conversions.  Not to mention free up time for the Salamander conversion work I am planing as soon as my kits arrive.

As my friend calls it I am starting to suffer Magpie syndrome. I have three separate projects on the go, I play 40k and fantasy and want to be able to field both games in full.

So Yea look forward to a dipping how too if this batch turns out, if it doesn't well Ill let you all know.

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