Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Basing Experiments Part 1

Hello all, this will be an ongoing and often updated posting as I experiment with different bases and basing techniques. So here is my first custom base I am posting.
A little blurry but Im still learning to use a camera and GIMP.

Friday, February 11, 2011

On the Salamanders Front

Greetings readers,

Tonight I played my first 40k game, My salamanders army managed to hold their own despite the odds being stacked against me.  First we played on my dining room table which is half the size of a normal table, Second my opponent fielded raiders.

To sum up the fight it went like this:
Round one raiders cover 3/4 of the table, I move my marines into cover.
Round two: witches disembark, fleet 6, and assault 6.  I loose 10 marines. I shoot he looses 10 witches.
Round 3: His witches fleet, then assault and I loose the rest of my troops.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First fantasy Game

My Herald of Khorne / First bloodcrusher
I finally did it, after years of puttering around painting and trading in armies, being indecisive about what army(s) to play I settled on two.  For my fantasy army it will be Daemons of Chaos and my 40K army will be Salamanders.

I also decided to devote this blog exclusively to those two armies as well as nay tips, tutorials I can come up with.

I also played my first fantasy 500 point match last night at Phoenix, I lost but it was a close battle.  we where doing pairs and my partner decided to chase every shiny thing he saw in the room and thus was never actually present for the match.  Two vs two rapidly turned into two vs one.