Thursday, February 10, 2011

First fantasy Game

My Herald of Khorne / First bloodcrusher
I finally did it, after years of puttering around painting and trading in armies, being indecisive about what army(s) to play I settled on two.  For my fantasy army it will be Daemons of Chaos and my 40K army will be Salamanders.

I also decided to devote this blog exclusively to those two armies as well as nay tips, tutorials I can come up with.

I also played my first fantasy 500 point match last night at Phoenix, I lost but it was a close battle.  we where doing pairs and my partner decided to chase every shiny thing he saw in the room and thus was never actually present for the match.  Two vs two rapidly turned into two vs one.

I was facing warriors of chaos teamed with tomb kings, by turn two I had managed to avoid any casualties from ranged attacks and successfully locked all units into close combat.  This neutralized the tomb kings player and turned it into a one vs one match, at least until his scorpion appeared on my rear flank.

I learned a few things about Daemons of chaos, One bloodletters are a nasty unit if you can get them locked into close combat and avoid losses from ranged, Bloodcrushers are very difficult to put down and I will be including more of them in the larger army.  However Daemonettes being fast are not very effective, Strength 3 + armor piercing attacks is only a -1 armor save.  A large group would be effective in locking up a heavy hitter but point for point swarms of nurglings will out preform the daemonettes.

With the new 25% lord/hero rule on a 2200 point game I now have to decide how to spend my 525 points on heroes. And I am currently trying to decide on a flavor of chaos, with leanings to Tzenetch or Chaos United.


  1. The Daemonettes will be good in medium sized squads in larger games as they are fast enough they can run down the flanks of your opponent and make for any war machines he might have. This leaves your opponent with a hard decision to make. Does he break of part of his main attack force to try to stop your daemonettes? If he does then thats part of his main force you've tied up for at least two turns (probably more). If he doesn't you get them back there and kill off his bolt throwers/cannons/whatever and then your opponent has another had decision to make. Does he let your daemonettes carry on from there into the rear of his units or does he turn some of his line around to take care of them. If he turns around then hes possibly opening up a rear charge to your stronger units. Chances are he'll just take the charge in the back at this point but thats still a rear charge bonus to combat resolution for you and much safer position for your girls to be in. In lower point games where war machines are not really seen all that much I agree there are better choices available to your deamons.

    Conversly in higher point games your going to see a lot more shooting. A LOT unless your fighting an army like warriors of chaos that has almost no presence in the shooting phase. So your either going to need a lot more bloodletters to have enough left alive for when they do arrive in combat. Use a spell to help keep them alive or screen them with a unit that you can afford to throw away or that can take the shooting attacks (if Daemons are anything like warriors Father Nurgle is a good provider for this). Unless your playing an opponent that knows what your up to then they are probably going to shoot the closer unit its human psychology especially with the bonus archers get against closer units. And even if they do ignore the screen and shoot the bloodletters, unless they find a really tall hill your screening unit is going to give hard cover to the bloodletters. The biggest problem is getting the screening unit out of the way to allow the bloodletters through them into combat. Best way to do this is probably break them off the turn before and just let your bloodletters take a turn of shooting or charge the screen into something else off to the side the same turn you plan to charge the bloodletters into their target.

    Figured I'd chime in with my larger game experiences as the game truly does change after you get higher then 1200-1500 points.

  2. Robert: Thank you for the advice, I never thought of using their speed like that to take out shooters. I also like the idea of using nurgle to screen my bloodletters from shooters. I'm still learning this game despite having been painting the models for years.