Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Salamanders Tip and toutorials


Today I share with you my collection of salamanders Tips and tricks.  You will find them on the right hand side in their own panel, until they become too large to contain there.

But here is a great video set from The Painting Corps to get people started on painting Salamanders.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Salamanders Weekly Update #1

Well I decided I needed to keep myself motivated on my salamanders.  I need it too on my Daemons but that's a different post.  To keep myself motivated and to log my progress I will be trying to do a weekly update on the progress of my salamanders.  I will also be posting my conversion work for the Master crafted flames, thunder hammers and meltas I will be fielding.  So I will start off this weeks update with my Sargent, his custom combi-Flamer, and a few bits I was lucky to get from my local stores bizarre bazaar.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Salamanders Librarian WIP

Greetings friends and fiends,
Today's post is my Salamanders Librarian, I decided to try my hand at scratch building one and after a week of fiddling around with how I wanted to pose him I finally started to work.  This is my first major work with Greenstuff beyond filling cracks and gaps.  Not to mention my first attempt at reposing a model.  I know I have to learn a lot more on how to do this type of thing, and I welcome comments and critiques on my work.  His backpack and shoulders are left unattached so I can paint him up without them getting in the way.
So here are the pictures after the Jump (I'll post better shots after I fix my camera.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twelve twins of Tzeentch WIP

Been busy working on my rank and file troops for my Warhammer fantasy Daemons of Chaos army.  I finally got a list I am happy with and after much deliberation humming and hahing I decided to do two separate armies; Daemons in fantasy and Salamanders in 40k.  Bellow you will find an image of my WIP pink horrors of Tzeentch, who I have named the Twelve twins of Tzeentch.  Included in the group are such characters as Mr. White, Slimer the Green, Blue meanie, Capt'n Flame-ingo, and a host of boring flesh tone horrors.  Also in the works is my Winged Horror of Tzeentch, my Herald and master of the lore of Beasts or Life, but more on him in his own WIP post.  Without anymore blah blah here is my group shot, the individual shots came out blueish and blurry.
Twelve twins of Tzeentch.