Monday, April 25, 2011

Salamanders Weekly Update #1

Well I decided I needed to keep myself motivated on my salamanders.  I need it too on my Daemons but that's a different post.  To keep myself motivated and to log my progress I will be trying to do a weekly update on the progress of my salamanders.  I will also be posting my conversion work for the Master crafted flames, thunder hammers and meltas I will be fielding.  So I will start off this weeks update with my Sargent, his custom combi-Flamer, and a few bits I was lucky to get from my local stores bizarre bazaar.

Sargent Left shoulder, with free hand Tactical marking.

Sargent with better view of his lava base.
Sargent Right shoulder, Chapter markings, and drake scale Power fist.

Sargent Front with Skull faceplate Helm.

Sargents Combi-Flamer, nearly took my thumb off making it.
Next I built my first Noctune-Pattern flamer.  These will become the stable flamer and the basis for all flamers in my army.
Nocturne-patern Flamer.
And as Prommised New pics on my librarian, hes primed black so his detail is hard to pick out, more picks as I finish him.

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