Monday, May 9, 2011

44 days of Blood

Well I did it, I managed to purchase and assemble all of the models for my Warhammer fantasy Daemons army. Now comes the fun part, painting it all,  Thus the 44 days of Blood.  This will have the downside of slowing down production of my Salamanders army, but I have decided to do a lot of custom GS work with them and modeling.  I want them to look unique and unified as a salamanders army, and when you look at the models without any knowledge that they are salamanders you see Salamanders and not just Green Space marines.

So 44 days of Blood is my attempt at completing at minimum one bloodletter model per day to a new standard my Salamanders have instilled in me.  Each Day I will post a progress update informing you my readers if I was successful or not.

At current my list is such:
Bloodthirster - Obsidion Armor, Firestorm blade, Eternal Fury
3 Flamers of Tzeench
1 Herald of Tzeentch - Winged horror, Master of sorcery with Lore of beasts
5 Flesh hounds of Khorne
Herald of Khorne BSB - Armor of Khorne, Firestorm blade (Painted)
Herald of Khorne - Armor of Khorne, Firestorm blade (Painted)
30 Bloodletters of khorne (full command) (10 Painted)
30 Bloodletters of khorne (full command) (10 Painted)
Total Points 2200.

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