Sunday, June 26, 2011

Could a fine cast Bloodthirster be on the way?

I was looking through the new storms of magic wizards and noticed that the Bloodthirster while listed does not have a price or option to buy online. See for yourself. Could this mean a new fine cast Bloodthirster, and if so will they be gracing us with a new sculpture as well? 

On the other hand I just looked in the Daemons section and found him listed with a price.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Upon further digging its rumored to be in the second wave of fine cast coming in August.  One day I will learn to finish a post before publishing it.


  1. Both the Bloodthirster and Lord of Change are due for an imminent Finecast release. And the sooner the better really, pinning those wings was always a pain in the bottom.

  2. I remember pinning the Lord of change, my model had irregular joins and just fit poorly, I had to pin every joint and then fill cracks with green stuff. Another model I'm waiting for in fine cast is the flesh hounds and Karanak, He was a treat to pin together.