Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to Hinge a Land raider

Hello all,  I was looking through pictures I had taken as I do work on my Land Raider for my salamanders army and found all my documenting photos of hinging the doors.  So I thought I would share them with you.  When I first undertook this I thought it was going to be an insanely difficult task to hinge my doors so they can be painted, and magnetized.  As I plan to fully paint the inside, and outside of the Land raider, as well as add electronic lighting to the inside for effect.  Turns out it was not hard to hinge them at all.

Step One:
Drill out three 1/32nd diamater holes in the door frame where the door hinges sit.

Step Two:
Drill out holes for 1/18th inch magnets opposite the holes you previously drilled.
Step Three:
Using florist wire, which can be found in most hobby shops, dollar stores, and florist shops, Cut three lengths at about two inches long.

 Step Four:
Using your 1/32nd pin vice drill, very very carefully drill into the side of the LR door hinges, if you break one paint it as battle damage or apply Greenstuff skills to hide the fact.  Once these holes are drilled, thread the wire into them and fold it tight to the plastic.

Step Five:
With great patience thread the ends through the 1/32nd holes in your hull, this can be tricky and I found trimming the wire to three separate lengths helped get it all in there.

Step Six:
Gently cross the wires and glue into place in the inside of the hull, feel free to trim excess wire.
Step Seven:
Glue magnets into the remaining hole and onto the Door, allow it to dry before playing with it and Enjoy.

Its really that simple to hinge a door on a land raider, I hope this helps at least one other person out there.

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  1. Okay, so you wrote this post years ago and you might not even check your blog any more, but the hell with it: This is the best solution I've found to hinging Land Raider doors, and I'm doing it with mine right now. Thanks mate!