Friday, September 23, 2011

How to: Perfect Pinning

Greetings friends,
Today I'd like to share with you how I pin models to perfection.  I know many of you dread the idea of metal models and having to pin parts together, so what if I said you do this perfectly in four easy steps?

Here's how.

Step One
Drill your holes in half of your project, in my case I used a Marine that I would like to pin to a resin base.
Step Two
Take a blob of blue tack (sticky Tack) and place it on the other half of your project where you want to make the connection with your pins.
Step Three

Press Part A (my Marine) onto the blue tack on part B.  Before you do this apply saliva to Part A, Gross I know but this prevents Part A from sticking to the Blue Tack and its Free.

Note: Most super glues are formulated to crystallize on contact with saliva, make sure you clean part A before gluing.

Step four.
Now use your favorite pin vice and line the bit up with the raised points on your blue tack and drill away.  Blue tack is a resilient material so you can re use it for other projects, I use mine to block off glue points when I prime as well as guide my pinning like in this guide.

That's it, done right with a little practice you now have perfect pinning.  Its simple and fast, and best of all it drastically reduces your chance of messing up the pinning on those pricy metal models.

Enjoy and have fun.


  1. Good post... my only comment is that white tack might work better. Blue tack can be very oily, and will leave residue on your minis.

  2. I had not considered that, Thank you Dave.