Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Chapter house Salamanders Land raider Kit

Well I broke down and bought a Salamanders kit for the Land Raider from Chapter house Studios.  I thought I would share my thoughts on the product.

First off the image to the left is what I received, upon opening the box I was impressed with the packaging.  It was solid and well packed, the resin parts where neatly tucked away in a sealed bubble wrap bag.

Now here comes the bad review, which I will break down into parts.

Shopping: If you have ever been to their website it is a pickle to navigate, the purchasing was painless.
Shipping: I'm dissapointed here, it took almost twenty days to arrive.  This could be a customs, USPS, or CPS issue, I'm not going to hold it against chapter house here.
The Product: Now if you look at the picture above, you should see all the nice red circles.  Each circle is a defect, either excess flashing, a mold defect or a thin point in the resin.  The detail however is good, It is just going to require a lot of work to clean it up repair parts and and attach them to the Land Raider.

Overall I'm skeptical if I will buy from them again.  This is just my opinion, take it as you will.


  1. I bought some metal parts from chapterhouse and was incredibly pleased with everything... I got some terminator shoulder guards and some iron hands storm shields. The casting was excellent, virtually no flash either!

    I just thought I ought to point it out, because you "may" have just had an unlucky experience. Or, similarly, perhaps the product is itself one which has a few issues.

  2. Are you in Canada? 20 days is pretty excessive - unless they shipped through UPS (been a while since I ordered there - don't remember what method they use)

    I would say it's unfair to call excess flash a defect - it is just annoying. I have heard a lot about thin points on their resin stuff, I have only ordered pewter bits from them.

  3. Oink: I should have mentioned it but forgot to do so, the metal parts from the kit where beautiful casts. I think its just issues with the resin as I have older stuff from them that was spotty. I just hadn't ordered it from them and bought it off a friend.

    Tristan: I am in Canada and believe much of the issue with the time it took to arrive is customs. And thick flash on resin can be an annoyance to remove as it often overlaps detail or makes for uneven edges. Thin flash is just a byproduct of casting and not really a huge defect.

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