Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Liquid Green stuff

Hello all,
I picked up a bottle of this new product today, and so far I am impressed.  as its name says its Liquid Green stuff, retails here for $4.45 for a GW paint pot sized amount.  I tried it out tonight on a conversion I have been working on and have to say I love it.  If you have seams or small cracks in a model, say where two parts join, then this is your friend.

So here are some Pros and Cons
  • Dries fast, leave the pot open and you will ruin it fast.  When I say dries fast I mean minutes after application.
  • Water soluble, this is a double edged blade in this regard, the negative side is water based paints can liquify it again, however your primer should seal it.
  • You can't sculpt with it, don't even try to.
  • Dries a little soft.
  • requires a little clean up and can hide details if you over brush.
  • Amazing control over where it goes, you brush it on.  Just use an old stiff brush.
  • Dries fast, speeds up the time from assembly to painting.
  • Is water soluble, I used a damp cloth to clean up an area of over brush.  Also if you spill any its an easy cleanup.  Will stain your brush green.
  • You can file and Sand it.
After a few attempts at using it, like all our tools, you get better at using it.  I find this stuff a wonder, and will be using it to seal seams in tanks, and joints in models.  I recommend you get a pot and try it out, even works with warmahordes (Just clean your resin first).


  1. Glad to hear a consumer review of this, I was going to pick some up this weekend but the hobby store I usually go to didn't get any in. After reading this I will definitely pick some up.

  2. Good entry and very good information.
    Recommendations on products like these are always welcome!

  3. Thank you both for the comments, I will keep posting reviews like this when I can.