Friday, June 8, 2012

Long overdue

Short Post, and lets be honest It is long over due.  Last time I posted was in November, and wow has a lot happened.  One Move, One new Job, and a new Army.  Now that life is less explosive I have been getting back into the hobby and have several neat projects on the go.
  1. Casting and Mold making for bit replication.  You may recall a while back i tried sculpting my own shoulders, well this is the evolution of my experiments.  I have been working with resin and 2 part latex rubber to make Molds and bits for my new Angels Sanguine Army.
  2. A new 1850 Angels Sanguine Army.  I'll post a lit at some point.  This army still has a lot of work to do; I need to finish the casts of my 8 Missile launchers and start the scuplt for Dante.
  3. Scratch Built thunder hawks!  I am working with a new coworker to build several scratch build thunder hawks.  My part in this is casting all the guns that go on these birds of prey.
  4. Finally playing Regular games again with my new list as I assemble and convert models.
I would like to get back to posting with some frequency, maybe do hobby commitments, try my hand at writing up battle reports, and posting WIPs.  Lets go slow and see where life takes me on this.

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