Sunday, September 18, 2011

Incoming Dragon Warriors and shoulder pad Sculpts

Hello all,

I admit I have fallen away from the Empire,  been seduced to rebellion and alliance with Khorne.  But does this really surprise most as my fantasy army is a 90% mono Khorne army?

But keeping in line with my love for Salamanders I decided to do their renegade chapter, the Dragon Warriors.  I also do not like nor agree with the Chaos Space marine codex.  Why leave behind all that equipment and munitions when you rebel?  So I decided to use the Space Marine Codex for a rebel chapter of Dragon warriors.  This allows me to do a few things.

First use Vulcan as Captain Terellus, The leader of the Dragon warriors.  Which also leads to me having to build a new model for him to represent him WYSIWYG.
Second I don't need to buy a new marine army, or loose any of the sculpting work I have done so far.

On the note of sculpting, I am not the best in the world, in fact I just started out.  We all need to start someplace however and here is my first real sculpt, followed by the press mold duplicate.

Drawn on icon for Dragon Warrior shoulder pad.

Sculpted in Green stuff, my first real work with Green stuff outside of filling in gaps.

Left is Press mold duplicate (after clean up with tools), right is original sculpt.

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